Speech Writing: How to Make It Better

Writing a speech is not the same as article or essay writing. In fact, speaking and writing may be called as distinctive versions of the same language, that are unique in different options such as output, syntax, function, etc. While preparing a speech the writer should pay attention on these aspects.

Most people prefer to listen to speeches that have unusual or humorous title, because a catchy title could be the beginning of well-prepared and interesting presentation. Besides, the title sometimes gives the main thought of the text. You may find many ways of creating good title. One of the most popular is examining the story you want to include. Also you may use some exercise or an activity to make the audience participate while you speak. Play on words gives interesting titles as well.

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Of course, the title is not enough in writing speeches. Pay a lot of attention to the organization, delivery, great main issues, and engaging supporting data.

Be Special

You may have a good experience in learning other business presentations that successful motivational speakers did. They all have special feature that helps them to be effective. If you had some unique challenge and you overcame them, tell about it and present it like a story of success. Most of us have some life experience that has brought us to current job or in some place. Remember your overcome obstacles, have they changed your life forever?

This unique experience helps you to stand out from other orators. Thus you will conquer the audience or contract with potential client.

Strengthen Your Speech by Using Quotes

When you hear some interesting and accurate phrase you may want to include it into your written speeches. Do this word for word by using quotes. This technique helps to express yourself and strengthen the text. To find great quotations use different sources, such as books, speeches, articles, etc.

Try to relate every point by appropriate quote. It may be good beginning or ending of the speech. You may help the audience to visualize the statement by using special statement.

Numbers Help in Writing Speech

While writing speeches there are many additional techniques. One of them is using numbers. You may do it in such way:

  1. Number one means the presentation of the speech or the thesis that includes the main idea of the text.
  2. Number two means using of contrasts. You should show different (in this meaning – two) points of view on the same issue.
  3. Number three is needed to explain such number of evidence and help the listeners to understand how it works. Three is a powerful number in our history, for example we divide meals into three parts, and we have three witches or pigs in fairytales and so on.
Actually this list may be much longer. But if you have no time to sort out all aspects of writing a speech, then give this work to professional speech writing services.
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