Understanding the Reasons for a Research Proposal and How to Come Up With One

Do not think that a research proposal is a mere formality. In fact, it is one of the most important steps in conducting a research without which you will not get the go ahead from your lecturers. When you are told to come up with a research proposal, your lecturer is doing so because he wants you to develop the skills needed to sit, think, and design a research study that is comprehensive enough for your academic level.

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The work is also aimed at making you understand how a comprehensive literature review is conducted. This is to ensure that you do not go about laboring yourself over an academic question that is already answered. The proposal will help you to fine-tune your research skills on a general level. Push you into practices on how to identify the several logical steps involved in trying to accomplish a good research work. Above all, this assignment will help bring to life the inquisitive part of you that might have been hidden for a long time.

How to find the essential content of a good research proposal

For your proposal to be ideal and for your lecturer to approve it, some essentials must be included. The number one thing about each proposal paper is that it must state the research problem you are trying to solve. This is normally named the purpose of the study and it is an essential thing about the work. It is supposed to provide a clear context for your research, setting the stage for it to kick off. On the other hand, it must state the reasons why the study must be done and why it must be done now. It is also supposed to contain the core issues and the minor ones to be worked on. The variables of the experiment must also be identified and classified between the dependent and independent ones. The proposal must also state the theory or hypothesis you are trying to work on if you intend to propose any. Again, the limits and boundaries of your work must be given and the key concepts defined.

What you must not include in the research proposal

Your research proposal must not be too dependent on secondary sources. The major focus must always come back to your own proposition or position and why you are taking it. Don’t be too repetitive and avoid the use of big words and vocabularies. Now, you must not make the mistake of excluding the influential papers as part of your references. In the same vein, any good research proposal must not fail to evaluate the papers in a very critical manner. The last thing it should avoid is not keeping up with the most recent developments in the field you have chosen to work on. This simply destroys your research proposal.

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