Literature review of previously researched work requires expert support

A literature review is referred to as the summary of published research literature, which is relevant to a topic that is being considered for further research purpose. The aim of writing a review is to familiarize with the current thinking on a particular topic.

Exposition into certain knowledge and conviction, which led to believing that the work done is worth doing, even in the way it was done, is literature research.

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Writing literary analysis is further aimed at bringing the readers into same conviction.

Therefore, it is highly essential to know how to accurately and precisely report a reviewed literature so as to justify your discovery or addition to the topic being investigated. With the consciousness that if the earlier work is complete, there is definitely no need for any further work or review of this topic. A good approach on how to write a book report is addressed below.

Components of thesis literature review


This includes writing descriptive information of the literature that is under investigation. Basic introductory guide in literature review writing
  • The general findings for the review should be stated with reference to work source.
  • All relevant terminologies must be itemized at this stage with clarifications on how they are used and their meaning.
  • The introduction must be precise, reflecting the fundamentals of the work that is being investigated.
Body: This consists of organized text with elaborate central points, which allows for proper evaluation of the work. Basic body contents for writing about literature
  • Convincing the reader to know that the previous literature on this topic is not accurate or completely satisfying.
  • Justify why and how your thesis literature review will fill the missing positions and why it should gain more acceptance.
  • Justify with an explanation the choice of your theoretical structure.
  • Make it known why you believe that your chosen experimental method is ideal for the research.
  • The research goal must be clear enough for the reader to identify.
List of research goal for different types to book report writing
  • Identifying problems.
  • Suggesting a possible solution to the identified problems.
  • Providing knowledge on a subject.
  • Expressing literature diversifications.

Concluding part

In general terms, conclusion represents the summary of the key findings of the literature review in general and the research proposal could be justified at this stage. The idea should be restated clearly, which must also support the findings of the review. The potential weaknesses of your chosen methodological approach should be stated and further state if there is any control for this. This should also influence the recommendations.


The recommendation is meant to suggest to the readers the action they are supposed to take in response to the conclusion from your literature review


Text citation must be accurate for every source. This is targeted at emphasizing on the work you done from other people’s ideas, in the stead of restating their words. This is done by choosing a more convenient referencing method. Referencing is the last to come while writing literature review.

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