Creative Writing: How to Increase the Text

Creative writing is a way of expressing yourself by making short stories, novels, poems, etc. To create really exciting writing, start with the climax that will give the tone of the future text. It is a successful step in any way.

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If you plan to write a short story, then focus on the conflict with describing of the characters and scenes. Sudden, unexpected revelation is one of the parts of exciting creative writing. But do not tell everything at the beginning, the reader does not have to know everything about the characters and plots in the start.

How to Write an Interesting and Exciting Content

Content may be written with following issues:

  • Start with writing first paragraph.
  • Create and develop your characters.
  • Determine your point of view.
  • Write a dialogue.
  • Use correct setting and context.
  • Imagine the plot development.
  • Make a conflict and tension.
  • Create a crisis and climax.
  • Do the resolution.

First, imagine who your main hero is. Everything: his/her hair, eyes, weight, education, living area, interests, accent, favorite book, etc. Create the situation that must happen with the main hero, for example the car crash, lost money, and so on. Here pay a lot of attention on morally side of the situation, what does your hero do and feel? Do you plan to add some unexpected moments?

While writing the creative text, try to cut the travel scenes, redundancy in character describing, facial expressions.

What Aspects Need a Lot of Author’s Attention?

Remember, the effective short story or poem should not record the feelings and thoughts of the author but generate the feeling of the reader.

If the nice idea was coming and you have no place to note it, it is a trouble. So keep a notebook or piece of paper with the pen to save all ideas and phrases. Try to write few lines every day regularly even if you do not feel it is good enough for a future paper. Also try to keep all exciting, interesting and unusual stories you have heard to use them later.

How to Make the Body of Interesting Creative Writing

Write the first paragraph catchy, and then the reader will read all the text until the end. Nowadays this first phrase should be unusual, unexpected action or a conflict. If you write the short story, then remember, the beginning should be close to the end.

Pay a lot of attention on the characters as well. You should develop them whatever they are and play a role in your story. Put the personalities on the scene. The reader may know the main hero because of following information:

  • name, age, job, etc.
  • appearance,
  • action,
  • speech

This is not the full list of main characteristics of the heroes, parts of creative writing, setting. Most information is available if you ask our creative writing service all needed questions. We also may help with checking and proofreading the text. Our professionals may help in checking spelling, grammar, plot context, and other parts of creative writing.

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